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     Elba is the perfect place for activities include walking and hiking, cycling, climbing and mountaineering, water sports and horse riding and golf. There are numerous bicycle, bus, and walking tours available on the island.


Mount Caponne 

     Anyone who visits Elba should make time for a trip up the Cabinovia on Monte Capanne. It is not very well advertised but can be found on the left just before you get to Marinara (coming from Portoferraio).  It is an amazing ride in a metal cage for two suspended from a cable! It takes 18 minutes to get to the top.  One word of warning - you have to be pretty able physically to get on and off as it does not stop - and it goes at a fair pace... like a ski lift!  This excursion is definitely not for the faint of heart, nor for mobility-impaired guests.
     Upon arrival at the cable car station the guide will explain the appropriate way to get in and out the cable car basket, which approaches every 20 seconds. The cable car whisks you up Mount Capanne, which is approximately 3,350 feet high. The views on the way to the top are unforgettable so have your camera ready. Once at the top you can enjoy the view of Elba,  Corsica and other islands of the Tuscan archipelago.   The ride only runs in summer months and closes during a couple of hours for lunch. On top you can eat in a small bar.

      Capoliveri is the main location for mountaineering and climbing. Both free climbing and guided mountaineering trips are available. Environmental guides are available for 6 days or 3 days (week-end) hiking trips around the Island of Elba.  The best times to visit are spring and autumn, in order to enjoy the excursion without excessive heat and cold.  One of these paths, the more beaten, coincides with the Via Crucis and leads to the sanctuary of Madonna del Monte, where chestnut trees are master.

     The island of Elba is blessed with a large network of pathways in excellent condition, and has always been one of the preferred destinations for mountain bikers.  Guides and Bike rentals are available on the island.


     Excursions are available on Elba with the assistance of qualified instructors, who will help you perfect your navigation and rowing techniques in one of the most beautiful stretches of coastlines in the Tuscan Archipelago. If you have not brought your own kayak, there is no problem: you can rent one for a few Euros.  A popular tour is around the island Elba in 6 days.


     Snorkel alone, or with an expert marine biologist guide, ready to answer all your questions about this world rich in fauna and flora.  You just need mask, flippers and a snorkel. To make this experience truly unforgettable, don't forget your underwater camera. 



                       Pomonte Beach                                                                Procchio Beach

     On Elba there are more than 70 beaches, all very different from one another.  Pomonte Beach  is known for snorkeling and scuba diving.  Procchio Beach is near Marciana and one of the longest sandy beaches of the island of Elba.

Sansone Beach

Under the steep white cliffs nestles a stretch of northern coastline that extends from Capo Bianco to Capo Enfola.  Beautiful, flat, white pebbles and an incredibly turquoise-green sea enchants sea and sun-lovers.

HAVE A WONDERFUL VACATION IN ISOLA d'ELBA.  IT IS SUCH A TRANQUIL ISLAND... I hope that this web-tour of the Island of Elba, Livorno, Italy was able to provide you with a sneak peak of what you can expect to experience when you visit.   Hopefully, it will not only help you decide on an itinerary for your particular day ashore but you will want to choose Elba next time for a longer land vacation to re-unite with the new friends you met here.   Thanks! Sunny

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Island of Elba

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